Text Paintings

A Painting With Everything In It:   Painting-themed word find

Oil on canvas, framed.

4ft x 4ft 


A Painting With Everything In It is a word-find style puzzle themed around the necessary components of making a painting. The 4ft x 4ft oil painting features words such as “Texture,” “Composition,” “Style,” “Contemporary Relevance,” “Concept,” and “Meaning.” As the viewer attempts to find the meaning of the work by reading and unriddling the painting, the humor of the work asks the viewer to consider and critique the structural systems of art-making and challenges our notion of a need for intellectual resolve to understand a work of art.

Mel Bochner's Personal Email Address

Oil on Canvas, framed.

3ft x 6ft


Mel Bochner's Personal Email Address is an artwork that explores themes of accessibility, humor, and the histories of Conceptualism and its relationship to the use of text. This painting was created as a result of a funny accident when an art professor and mentor of mine unintentionally included the personal email address of historically notable and highly acclaimed Conceptual artist, Mel Bochner, on a class email list.