Computer Hacking Haiku

Computer Hacking Haiku is a collaborative artwork between the artist and her 10-year-son.  Computer Hacking Haiku is a haiku style poem written in response to Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut after the artist received a letter from the University's Interim President informing her of a data security breach. The artist had previously presented artwork during a conference at Connecticut College during which time the artist had registered with the University as a presenter, entering the University data system. Computer Hacking Haiku was sent to the University's Interim President as a response to the letter detailing the breach. 

A Computer Hacking Haiku 


A conference gone wrong

Might cost me money


Money snatched off internet

Our apologies

Identity gone

Silent thief hacks computer

Very disappointing


Computer Hacking Haiku

Poem,  Mail Art-Intervention